Sunday, April 7, 2013

Maine Trip

Cabin fever this winter left us sorely in need of a vacation. NNEC Music Clinic came just in time! Our family drove to Maine on Friday and stopped at two thrift stores along the way. We found more than what we bargained for - Suzanne selected four chairs for her dining room table, and Tim strapped them to the top of the Honda Pilot. No more difficulties spotting our vehicle in parking lots!

The sunshine and warm breezes on Friday were beautiful. It was a blessing to participate in the Central Vermont Academy choir as they sang for Sabbath School the following day at music clinic. In the afternoon our choir group enjoyed exploring Cape Elizabeth. Joseph and Jonathan loved the rocks and sand by the beach, while Bethany and Abigail climbed the seaweed-coated rocks jutting out into the Casco bay, savoring the salty wind.

The beautiful Cape Elizabeth lighthouse was originally built in 1828. Pressed against a cold metal fence preventing visitors from falling down to the water and rocks below, I gazed over the deep blue waters. This lighthouse witnessed many shipwrecks through the years. This bright beacon was maintained to preserve the life of every sailor, but sadly, it could not always prevent ships from becoming dashed upon the rocks. Let us keep our minds unclouded, clear in perception so that we can always see the light, heed heaven-sent warnings, and travel the safe path.

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Secret Place... NEYR 2013

Northeast Youth Retreat 2013, "The Secret Place," was an incredible blessing. This year, Timothy was able to accompany Suzanne and the girls to Camp Winnekeag and enjoy NEYR as well.
The Rayne family joined the Nebbletts this year to deliver truth-filled messages marked with the sweetness of commitment to Christ. Although the weather was chilly, our hearts were warmed with the love of God for His creation. Marking every smile, noting every tear that falls, He has loved us forever. We are reminded that the beginning of every miracle starts when something is brought to Jesus, and we pray that we never will outlive the desire to give Him everything.